Mixology Rollerball



Who doesn't love a good smelling perfume?! We love our top shelf, luxury roll-on perfume oils not only for ourselves but, to give as a gift to someone special for you! Our perfume rollerballs come in a 0.17 oz/5 ML roller tubes. They are a blendable all day wear. You can apply as often as desired to the neck, wrist and chest. 

Our Mix-O-logy rollerballs comes in 3 scents; Tenacious (crisp vanilla), Soulful (sheer amber) and Assured (natural). 

The Tenacious Crisp Vanilla is a vibrant and sophisticated interpretation of favorite scent. A mix of Madagascar vanilla bean harmonized with a smoky musk, amber.

The Soulful Sheer Amber scent is a mixed bouquet of wild freesia, peachy rose and white jasmine.

The Assured Natural scent is an unforgettable come together blend of warming amber and cashmere musk, creamy yet rich smell of sandalwood. 

You or gifted to someone, are sure to enjoy every one of them!